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Anne Lippers organiseerde in het verleden met Sanghimala al enkele Ayurveda groepsreizen naar Nepal. Sinds enige tijd woont zij in Leicester en organiseert daar vandaan de volgende reis. Je kunt rechtstreeks bij haar boeken of via Sanghimala.



Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in Pokhara Nepal

14- 23 November 2017 € 895,-


 peace pagoda



Tushita Nepal & AyurDevi


Why Tushita- Nepal?

Tushita is founded by Rajesh Shestra and his lovely family. It is an ideal place for receiving spiritual energy and exploring yourself: to detoxify, release, refresh and pave a way for a meaningful life . We will focus on purifying body, mind and soul and give you the key of happiness and peace. Feel at home, not as a guest! It is a place for people who truly love nature because we are surronded by stunning Himalayas, a beautiful lake, bees, birds and butterflies. The vegetables and fruits for our meals grow in the organic garden and includes 64 herbal plants and 15 different fruit trees.

Why AyurDevi?

AyurDevi is founded by Anne Lippers, Ayurvedic Practitioner since 2012. After living 2 years in Nepal and India, she settled in Leicester, United Kingdom, where she lives with her partner and has her own Ayurvedic clinic for women and children. She also works as an Ayurvedic nutrition consultant for Ayushakti. Anne has organized several retreats abroad and is an experienced traveller in Nepal.

Our program in a nutshell
Day 1: arrival in Kathmandu

Day 2: tourist bus to Pokhara

Day 3 till day 9: Yoga and Ayurveda program:

06.00: Puja, detox herbal drink and 90 minutes Yoga and meditation                                              
08.00: breakfast
13.00: lunch
17.00: satsang bhajan and 90 minutes Yoga and meditation
19.00: dinner
Other time is free time and meant for hikes, read, rest and your inner self
Day 9: tourist bus to Kathmandu
Day 10: flight back home

Costs include:

First and last night stay in Kathmandu in The World Heritage Hotel
Transport in luxury tourist bus to Pokhara and back to Kathmandu
Pick-up from Pokhara bus station to Tushita and vice versa
Cocoon warmth accomodation, one room one person, according to ruling planet
3 Ayurvedic meals a day, seasonal fruits, herbal tea, organic coffee, juices
90 minutes Yoga and Meditation in morning and evening
Basic Ayurvedic cooking course
Astrological outlook with full support according to the Vedic Astrology
Nature therapy: watching own Aura and self- Reiki healing, chakra locking and opening practice
World Peace Stupa visit, main city tour, jungle hike and village tour

Not included

Flight to and from Kathmandu
Nepali visa
Dinner in Kathmandu on first and last day
Lunches/ dinners when you are not at Tushita


Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition advice
Ayurvedic massage treatment
Extra days in Kathmandu
Extra days in Pokhara

For further information
Total of our guests will be maximum 8

Contact Anne:
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: +447818047662

foto Anne flyer




under construction




Jeri (snack made from fried dough dipped in syrop)


Sel roti (deepfried breadrings made from riceflour)


Puri (deepfried bread)


Malpuwa (sweet deepfried balls , riceflour)







momo's  (steamed  dumplings filled with meat or vegetables



 Pagoda's (deepfried balls (chickpea-flour) with vegetables, chicken or cheese)





under construction but you can get  allready some idea of what we can make for you:








under construction, but  allready 2 examples of what you can buy at The Journey












Thangka (religeous painting) : Green Tara




Green Tara (syamatara) is known as the buddha of enlightened activity...Tara is a tantric meditation deity whose practice is used by practitioners of the Tibetan branch of Vajrayana Buddhism to develop certain inner qualities and understand outer, inner and secret teachings about compassion and emptiness. Tara is actually the generic name for a set of Buddhas or bodhisattvas of similar aspect. These may more properly be understood as different aspects of the same quality, as bodhisattvas are often considered metaphors for Buddhist virtues. 






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